An Expansion Set I Hope We’ll Never See

The Furluminati Attack the Internet for Control

Most people in the industry are now aware that the Mozilla Organization has just recently re-rechristened their next-generation browser “Firefox,” from its previous name “Firebird,” which came from “Phoenix.” (Got all that? There’ll be a quiz on this next Tuesday.)

With this new name came a new logo… …which is noticeably different than the original
Firefox Logo Mozilla Logo
Mozilla Logo
Mozilla Logo

The dinosaur has seen its share of controversy. With its coupling of a yellow star against a red background, it has been accused of similarity to Soviet-era propaganda posters.

Occam’s Razor suggests a better explanation. Like homosexuals coöpting the word “queer,” the Mozilla Organization simply decided to adopt the trappings of Communism that a certain large software corporation in Redmond accused them of practicing. No problem there. Let’s move on.

As the old designer was obviously a fan of Soviet-era art deco, the new icon designer seems to be a fan of furry art. I came to this conclusion with the help of Dan Spisak:

I have a secret suspicion that Furries have taken over the Mozilla project.
Wresting control of it from the Neo-Leninists.
right ok rob that is off the deep end thinking you got a solid line of rational reasoning to back that statement up?
Comparing the icons for Mozilla (Soviet Industrial) to that of Firefox (LiveJournal furry fox avatar).
thats pretty flimsy, for all we know it just means the art guy is a furry
He who controls the icons, controls the project.

Obviously, Dan (blast his logic!) is right: the artist is just the artist, and does not influence the philosophy of the project. It’s not like there’s some international conspiracy out there manipulating the icon designs of popular applications…

…or is there?!?

It has to be the Illuminati. They are, by definition, behind everything.™

Leninist Card controlling Mozilla Card Furry Card
Leninist Card controlling Mozilla Card
Furry Card

“All right, the Furries are going to attack The Mozilla Organization to control. One minus four plus four for matching alignments… plus nine megabucks… that brings me to ten or less.”

“Bastard. OK, I have two megabucks in The Mozilla Organization… that’s six or less. Plus two from Industrial Neo-Leninists brings it down to four or less.”

“You really love those code jockeys. OK, six more megabucks brings me back up to ten or less. Anyone going to interfere? Anyone? Anyone?”

Player rolls dice.

“Seven. It’s mine. For my next action, The Mozilla Organization, aided by The Justice Department and the Democrats are going to destroy Microsoft Corp…”


Others share my concern: Furluminati article on Encyclopædia Dramatica.