Who is Emil Blovin?

Emil Blovin is an seventeenth-century gentleman scientist who somehow has simultaneously stopped the aging process and achieved indestructibility. His immortality combined with his influence as a nobleman allowed him to strongarm his way into that most secret of secret societies, the Bavarian Illuminati. But he quickly became bored with ruling the world, and seeks a far more sinister objective: TOTAL WORLD ANNIHILATION. Only by surviving that will he be convinced that he is truly a living god.

Blovin is a master of deceit. He frequently undergoes radical plastic surgery to evade capture; in fact, he was a pioneer in the practice, performing it as far back as the eighteenth century. Many famous historical figures were actually Emil Blovin. He has been three Presidents of the United States.

Emil Blovin is at large somewhere in California. He has been seen in Southern California (where he uses the exotic atmospheric pollutants in sinister chemical processes) and in Northern California (where he collects advanced technology for his wicked work). Tracking Blovin is complicated by his most recent surgical work which has left him with the face of Robert Menke[1], a nondescript computer programmer also residing in California.

Blovin’s only weakness is his addiction to pizza; for reasons unknown, he always orders under his real name. Therefore, it is highly unlikely that you will encounter Blovin anywhere except in pizza-oriented eating establishments. BLOVIN IS EXTREMELY DANGEROUS AND SHOULD BE CONSIDERED ARMED AT ALL TIMES. Blovin is a master of uncommon forms of martial arts; he once decapitated an Interpol agent with a swizzle stick. If you see Blovin, do NOT attempt to restrain him; instead, telephone your local police department immediately.