Smog Check Vehicle Inspection Report (VIR)

Vehicle Information

Test Date/Time: 03/30/1999 @ 11:34

Engine Size:1.5 LType:PassengerTransmission:Automatic
GVWR:N/ATest Weight:2375Cylinders:4
Odometer:139467Certification:CaliforniaVLT Record #:██████
Fuel-Type:GasolineExhaust:SingleInspection Reason:Training Mode

Overall Test Results
Comprehensive Visual Inspection: PASSFunctional Check: FAILEmissions Test: FAIL

Emission Control Systems Visual Inspection/Functional Check Results

(Visual/Functional tests are used to assist in the identification of crankcase and cold start emissions which are not measured during the ASM test)

Result ECS Result ECS Result ECS
PASS PCV PASS Thermostatic Air Cleaner PASS Fuel Evaporative Controls
PASS Catalytic Converter PASS Air InjectionN/ASystem Malfunction Light
PASS Exhaust Gas Recirculation PASS Spark Controls PASS Carb./Fuel Injection
PASS Wiring to Sensors PASS Vacuum Lines to Sensors/Switches PASS Other Emission Related Components
N/AFillpipe Restrictor FAIL Ignition Timing PASS Oxygen Sensor
FAIL Fuel Cap Integrity Test

ASM Emission Test Results

15 mph258013.80.0162301560.840.141.922088206357 FAIL
25 mph219914.10.0112121650.730.071.441888194611 FAIL

MAX=Maximum Allowable Emissions
AVE=Average Emissions For Passing Vehicles
MEAS=Amount Measured

This vehicle failed the ignition timing check due to engine rpm being out of tolerance.