Smogmobile 2000™ Patriotic Edition FAQ

What is the Smogmobile 2000™ Patriotic Edition?

The Smogmobile 2000™ Patriotic Edition is an augmented version of the “classic” Smogmobile designed for transport of important dignitaries on Independence Day (July 4).

Compare it to Smogmobile Classic.

How does the Patriotic Edition affect the high performance of the Smogmobile 2000™?

Good question. Tests have been performed that show the Patriotic Edition has only a minimal perfomance loss w.r.t. Smogmobile Classic:

flag fluttering

At 15 km/h (10 MPH), some fluttering is seen but no noticible additional vibration is reported.

flag stops fluttering

At 30 km/h (20 MPH), the fluttering effect disappears as the Patriotic Edition hits a “harmonic.”

flag flutters violently

At 45 km/h (30 MPH), the fluttering effect returns, along with a significant audio component.

flag is a blur

At 60 km/h (45 MPH), chaos effects take over and the entire vehicle begins to vibrate.

Higher speeds were relegated to the specially-designed test track of the SRL.

Test Track?

OK, the Garden Grove freeway; specifically, the segment of the 22 between Seal Beach Boulevard and Seventh Street.

How did it do on the Test Track?

Surprisingly well. On initial acceleration to crusing speed, the driver’s-side projection suffered early structural failure resulting in a truncation of the suspension arm (see photo, left). This failure was the result of an undetected flaw in the material. The passenger’s-side projection remained stable even at peak speeds above 110 km/h (70 MPH), even though the material suffered some superficial damage (photo, right).

Unfortunately, the adhesive material used had elastic properties that were not well-understood until the tests were underway. The result was significant deformation and, ultimately, failure.

Did you burn the flags that were torn off the Smogmobile Patriotic Edition?

No. We couldn’t locate the remains.

It makes one proud to be an American…