It’s Giant…

It’s Evil…


Photo of the Giant Evil House of Doom

When this three-story monstrosity went up in the quiet village of Rossmoor, near the burg of Los Alamitos, the neighborhood was furious. “It’ll block out the sun!” they cried. “It doesn’t fit in with our suburban motif! Our property values will decrease!” But their cries went unheard as the workmen continued building the GIANT EVIL HOUSE OF DOOM. Since completion, this Fortress of Fear has sat, apparently vacant, driving all that lay eye upon it irreversibly insane.

What is it? Why is it there? It has been suggested that it might be a secret terrorist base: for instance, the spiral staircase turret would be a perfect missile silo.

No matter what its purpose, it’s obvious to even the most casual observer that the GEHOD is as out of place in that neighborhood as a Hustler centerfold would be in the Vatican.

The photograph above was taken on the spur of the moment, which accounts for its quality. Paul and I had just finished writing FLASH A-AH! on Dan Spisak’s car when we drove by the GEHOD. Drawn by unseen forces, I had Paul stop the Smogmobile so I could take a snapshot or two. I wasn’t sure the shot came out so I was adjusting the shutter delay when a car drove by. I would have ignored it, except (a) we looked very suspicious standing in the middle of the street taking photos of a house at 11:30 at night, and (b) the car was slowing down.

As casually as we could, we got in the Smogmobile and left immediately. The car pulled into the house next to the GEHOD, but I was still nervous. Would they be suspicious about a car fleeing the scene with its lights off? (Those damn Panic-Sensitive Headlights!) What if they called the cops? What if they told the reclusive occupants of the GEHOD and they tracked us down and drained our blood while we slept?

Surely we have learned the folly of messing with the GIANT EVIL HOUSE OF DOOM.

Because You* Asked for It…

…more photos of the GIANT EVIL HOUSE OF DOOM!

Daytime photos of the GEHOD

*One person did ask. Honest.

SPECIAL REPORT: Activity in the GEHOD?

On October 24th, 1999 (one week before Halloween, coincidentally), Paul called and in an excited voice said, “Have your camera ready, quick! I’ll be over in five minutes!” Ten minutes later, I knew what all the excitement was about; excited myself, I took the following photos:

Is there life in the GEHOD?

There was a light on inside the GEHOD! Incredible as it may seem, there may actually be (for need of a better word) people living inside. More details will follow as our investigation continues.