The Roadtrip Report: Year 6

21 April 2001

There are a number of reasons for the inexcusable delay in providing an update: problems with computers, problems with vehicles, and problems finding all of our past archives in the chaotic heap Paul calls his home. Curiously enough, the last problem, which we believed to be insurmountable, has actually been (partially) solved…

12 June 2001

Yeah, we suck. No updates, because basically there haven't been any trips recently. I was hoping to find loads of stuff on the hard drive that I salvaged, and only managed to find this and this. It's not really Smogmobile-themed, but it does show the strange things that seem to happen to Paul. (Warning! We're talking serious NC-17 rating here. Download at your own risk!)

12 October 2001

A trip to Knott's Halloween Haunt.

Whoo. Published only a year after the event. Now that's scary.

17 October 2001

A quick trip to photograph the Trinity Broadcasting Network in all of its garish glory. No big-haired lachrymose ladies were hurt in the making of this report.

17 November 2001

Road trip to… Riverside? Well, certainly, if we were to see the Leonid meteor shower.