The Roadtrip Report: Year 4

13 February 1999

Christmas-time was a bit of a problem, both during and after; here is the report (better late than never).

21 February 1999

Up in the Bay Area, Rob drags Richard out to see SLAC, the Stanford Linear Accelerator.

27 February 1999

Bad wiring and bad fashion: a bad combination that produced a dull weekend.


EPA officials still have no comment about the mysterious viscous orange slime found pooled in the armrest compartment of the Smogmobile 2000™. Evacuation of the area still remains an option.

11 April 1999

Rob drove down for the weekend of April 3-4. So where’s the report? There isn’t one. That’s right, there will be no Roadtrip Report pages for the weekend, at least not for a while.

This difficult and somewhat controversial decision not to make a report page was based on a number of factors:

The last set of reports have been weak.
This is the result of trying too hard; instead of documenting strange things we accidentally encountered, we ended up documenting our documentation, or even worse, choreographing events to photograph.
We’re straying from our original goal.
The digital camera is nice, but… the nature of the Smogmobile experience is conversation.
This was a technology-oriented weekend.
Our goal this weekend was to test out some experimental equipment configurations, including, but not limited to, reconfiguring the audio hookups inside the Smogmobile for easier use. We were only partially successful.
The Schech” came along for the ride.
Yes, the man who effectively started it all came out of retirement to join us, stressing the Smogmobile’s seating capacity to an unheard-of FIVE people. Jon’s return has evoked feelings of nostalgia in us… back to days when we’d hop in the car and drive for five hours, not ever having to go around the block multiple times to get “that perfect shot.”

Does this mean the end of the Roadtrip Reports? Hardly. It just means better reports, less frequently.

(Audio has been collected. This place holder will be replaced by a link when the audio clips become available.)

16 May 1999

Paul went up to Washington for a wedding, and on the way back, he and Rob visited the Tech Museum of Innovation in San Jose.

4 July 1999

A Fourth of July without car problems? What is this world coming to?

This report completed on December 28, 1999. So we’re a bit behind… sue us.

7 September 1999

A chance encounter with the “world famous” BibleTruck.

31 October 1999

Only a few days after mysterious happenings at the Giant Evil House of Doom, undecipherable glyphs (pagan incantations? otherworldly prayers?) appeared on a local resident’s car. You don’t have to consult The Blair Witch Project to realize something supernatural is occurring…