The Roadtrip Report: Year 3

Three things come immediately to mind when we think of 1998: ninjas, ducks, and the water museum. It is worth noting that it took over two years for us to finally get audio clips ready for download…

10 January 1998

Rob forgot to bring the camera to L.A. when he drove down, so the Christmas report will be delayed until the photos are developed and scanned.

UPDATE: All of the photos failed to develop properly. But then, there isn't much that was lost.

15 March 1998

The Smogmobile crew attends the Sick 'n' Twisted Festival of Animation.

5 April 1998

Not all weekends are exciting. Some are downright boring.

13 May 1998

The Smogmobile crew visits Vista del Lago and Signal Hill.

23 May 1998

Paul tries his hand at some Smogmobile-themed literature. Does this mean Rob forgives him for flaking on the audio so far? Of course not…

20 June 1998

A trip to the duck pond, plus more automotive problems.

18 July 1998

After three hours of editing photos, Rob goes insane and comes up with the SM2000 Roadtrip NOW! Initiative. Help show your support!

26 July 1998

The Smogmobile Research Lab scientists go into the field and visit the San Francisco Bay Area.

24 August 1998

More fun in the Southland…

31 October 1998

Halloween was a bit of a disappointment, even with all the Ninjas…

30 November 1998

After two years, the first audio clips are up! Thanksgiving was incredibly bizarre, making up for a lackluster Halloween… with interest.

26 December 1998

Ever wonder just what Paul is doing instead of processing sounds? Here's the whole story.