The Roadtrip Report: Year 2

1997 was a pivotal year for the Roadtrip project, with the début of the audio and picture galleries, the opening of a forum for spectators, Gilroy, and El Niño.

20 January 1997

The Smogmobile Sound Experience is now available for your enjoyment.

1 March 1997

Comments? Questions? The brave scientists running the Smogmobile Research Labs are ready to help you with all the Smogmobile-related information they have.

18 March 1997

There are numerous references to Flash Gordon throughout this hierarchy. Here's the whole ugly story, brought to you by the SM2000 Investigative Reporting Group.

1 May 1997

While waiting for Paul to begin digitizing the recordings of our recent trips, Rob threw together a small photo gallery of some of the strange things we have seen in the past.

17 May 1997

More Evil House photos...

30 May 1997

Just when things were beginning to shape up, disaster occurs. Will the Smogmobile be ready for Robert's triumphant return to the Southland?

4 July 1997

Now that we've got the Smogmobile running, Rob's car breaks down.

21 July 1997

Finally got to L.A., sans car. Paul and Rob spent the weekend getting photos for the gallery and whipping up a special magnetic bumper sticker for the Smogmobile (old URL — RM). We also learned that one should not let the batteries completely drain from a DC-120 camera...

17 August 1997

Better late than never: a new article from those dirt-digging reporters in the SM2000 Investigative Reporting Group.

7 October 1997

Godzilla attacks a used car lot!

Scene from the upcoming movie,
Godzilla versus The Smogmobile

The photo is the result of accidentally-on-purpose over-saturating the CCD on the digital camera. Aside from that, we added yet more photos to the gallery and replaced Paul's magnetic bumper sticker, which got lost.

Even more frightening than the prospect of meeting Godzilla is the possibility of a clean Smogmobile. Even more frightening is the possibility of a working Smogmobile.

Here (finally!) is a complete log of the weekend.

30 November 1997

Thanksgiving was marked with water — lots of it. But even El Niño was no match for the Smogmobile 2000.

12 December 1997

In what is certainly a turning point in the history of the Smogmobile Research Labs, the Smogmobile 2000 gets the attention of the media. The following appeared in the December 12th edition of Westside Weekly Magazine, in a feature by Monte Morin titled “Sites to See”:

… In the misery loves company department, there’s the Smogmobile 2000 at​roadtrip/​smogmobile.html (old URL — RM). Part of the Robert Menke home page, the Smogmobile site offers an amusing look at the automotive nightmares of struggling slackers throughout Los Angeles …