The Roadtrip Report: Year 1

We started this project in September, 1996 with the belief that we'd have audio clips available by the time Rob moved to a real ISP (he used to be on Netcom, which doesn't believe in HTTP servers). It was three full years before any clips actually appeared….

(Rob didn't get his digital camera until 1997; hence, the lack of photographs in this section.)

15 September 1996

The first test run, conducted last week (beginning of September), was a mixed success. The theory that we could store audio on the PowerBook proved to be false. While it did record audio faithfully, the poor microphone was unable to record anyone but the person holding the computer.

So, with a minor investment of about fifteen dollars, we have purchased a set of microphones. We also purchased an audio mixing board from Radio Shack. If we can find a decent tape recorder soon, the first audio recording (AIFF formatting — we need stereo) will be available here around the end of October.

22 October 1996

After assembling a nifty spy case to contain the mixing board and tape recorders, we set out to visit Hollywood on a Saturday night. It was… interesting. (Actually, we wanted to see the Sick 'n' Twisted Animation Festival, but some dweeby art film replaced it.)

12 November 1996

Prepping up for the big Thanksgiving deal… not much happening on the home front, unless you count our minor adventure with the Giant Evil House of Doom.

2 December 1996

So much for Thanksgiving. While we did drive around in the Smogmobile, we didn't tape anything. Not that this is a real problem, as Paul has been flaking on digitizing the tapes we already have. Instead, we took photographs that we intend to submit to IADL, tried to locate our scanner man, and played Password.